Dover was founded in the north of Spain in 1967.

“Dover is your perfect partner for cold-stamping processes in the automotive sector of a great variety of parts, such as floors, doors, bonnets, boots, roofs and lateral parts – basically all medium and large structural parts, especially those visible on the outside. We have the necessary know-how and the technology to carry out any kind of activity from the first design study of the die up to the production of parts in your press lines and to support you with all required services to achieve your goals.”

  • 1967

    Foundation of Dover Die Maker Company (Troquelería Dover).

  • 1979

    The facilities move to Barberá del Vallés, Barcelona with
    an area of 12,150 m².

  • 2007

    The company starts production in new facilities in Bucharest, expanding its production area by 2,000 m².

  • 2012

    DOVER extents its presence to Mexico by opening the technical-commercial customer-service office in Puebla, Central Mexico.

  • 2016

    DOVER reaches out to the automotive market in India by opening a branch in New Delhi and thus establishes a channel of steady communication between the company and prospective customers on the sub-continent.